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Overall Information
Radiation energy leaving the sun and spreading out on the earth is approximately 17.000 times higher than the whole population of the world consumes. From thus it follows that a 100 per cent power supply by direct or indirect utilisation of solar power is not an utopia, but will sooner or later be reality.

Directly, solar power can be used via sun collectors for the production of heat, or by means of photovoltaic and solar thermal plants for the generation of electricity.

Austria is ranked second behind Greece in per capita installations of thermal solar panels. On the contrary, in the area of photovoltaic penetration is very low.

Our range of services
PROFES offers a huge scope of technical services regarding photovoltaic. Starting point for such a photovoltaic project is a comprehensive analysis of the site and shadowing effects. The certified training program "photovoltaic engineer and designer" guarantees top quality of our services:

Roof systems
  • Consulting and Planning

  • Legal approval

  • Support funding process

  • Delivery of quality products

  • Construction and commissioning

  • Advice for power purchase agreements

  • Electricity sales organization

  • ---> Roof systems

    Large photovoltaic plants
  • Technical support of investors

  • Project development

  • Planning services

  • Technical due diligence

  • Site assessment

  • Yield reports

  • Contracts

  • Approval and operation

  • ---> Large-scale facilities

    A full range of references approves the professional excellence and competence of PROFES, ranging from small roof plants and going up to mega watt open-space photovoltaic plants. One of the highlights was the achievement of the designing contract for a photovoltaic plant in Spain. For information in more details refer to Large-scale facilities

    Our range of services
    PROFES provides designing activities for capacious solar plants, for example supporting the feeding into the district heating system or assisting large scale residential building projects. Especially, planning an entire energy concept by focusing on solar thermal energy.

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