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WP Scharndorf West: earthworks are progressing speedily
(June 10th, 2013)
At the moment the construction of road building including the assembly areas is running rapidly parallel to the excavation work for the foundations. The newly constructed roads to the wind turbine locations are already macadamized and made ready for the transport of the two V112. Another milestone during the erection of the Wind Park Scharndorf West will be the concreting of the wind turbine foundations, which is scheduled for early July.
Wind Park Scharndorf West: Groundbreaking ceremony
(May 22nd, 2013)
Today - according to the reason in windy weather and good mood - the ground-breaking ceremony for the erection of the wind park Scharndorf West took place. Already in September the two 3-MW wind turbines (currently the strongest wind turbines of the manufacturer Vestas) are to provide electricity to over 5,000 households and to disburden the environment from 14,000 tons of CO2 per year.
Wind Park Scharndorf West: start of construction work
(May 14th, 2013)
Now the surveying work begins for the erection of the WP Scharndorf West. We are pleased that after a time of intensive planning the realization of this first PROFES´ own project starts at soonest. In the coming weeks there will be done the necessary road-building including assembly areas, the foundation excavation and the wind park wiring. The construction of both Vestas V112 is planned for late summer.
Three new PV plants for Gerweis, a small village in the area “Waldviertel”
(May 12th, 2013)
In the village Gerweis several PV plants were established by PROFES in previous years. Because of the positive experience with these initial systems two PV plants of existing customers were enlarged by additional 13.2 kWp and 14.9 kWp during the last weeks. Before summer another plant will be built for a new customer.
Windpark Scharndorf West approved
(December 14th, 2012)
With this day all adminstrative decisions, permits and approvals concerning PROFES´s own windpark project Scharndorf West necessary for the construction and operation of the wind turbines, especially the environmental impact assessment notification, are finally established. About that we are very grateful and now we are looking forward to realizing the 2 Vestas V112-3.0MW in 2013.
Vestas V112-3.0MW fixed for Wind Park Scharndorf West
(October 25th, 2012)
After extensive negotiations PROFES concluded today a delivery contract and a long-term full maintenance contract with the world market leader Vestas for two V112-3.0MW turbines for the project Wind Park Scharndorf West. Next year the first Vestas turbines of that type in Austria will be erected there.
PV flat roof system with the mounting system Alugrid
(July 12th, 2012)
Today PROFES and its custumer could put a 5.15 kWp PV flat roof system with the fastening system Schletter Alugrid into operation. An advantage of this system is that it can be placed directly on the existing roof, without drilling or piercing the roof membrane.
Final PV systems of the KLIEN-funding 2011 completed.
(June 21st, 2012)
Parallel to the ongoing projects and planning within the KLIEN funding 2012 the last PV-systems in the context of KLIEN 2011 were built by PROFES till mid-June. These PV roof systems are designed for single-family homes and have a nominal power between 5.2 and 5.6 kWp.
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Planning, development and submission of 100 kWp PV-systems
(June 1st, 2012)
PROFES is pleased to receive some orders for the preparation of application documents and for carrying out the authorities and funding processes for larger PV-systems up to 100 kWp in Burgenland and Lower Austria.
Wind farm in the forest (Waldviertel): PROFES prepares feasibility study
(April 25th, 2012)
Due to the today available technologies and wind turbines hub heights up to 140 m also forest sites become more interesting for the use of wind energy. PROFES is pleased to receive an order for a feasibility study for such a possible location in the “Waldviertel” area where up to 12 wind turbines of the 3 MW class could be planned.
KLIEN 2012: Successful PV submissions for our customers
(April 23th, 2012)
Exact at 06:00 pm the filing to the PV-funding in Austria started in line with the program KLIEN 2012. Within only 3 minutes the delivery quota for Lower Austria was exhausted, which can be caused to the continuing high interest in photovoltaics in Austria.

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11th, Austrian Peace Run
(April 21th, 2012)
The motto of the 11th Running around the city hall was "I run ... you donate …we help", as in previous years. Many onlookers cheered more than 2,000 participants, among them again PROFES-employees and their families, to run and earn high donations, which completely inure to the benefit of selected aid projects in Austria and India.
Photovoltaics: use Vienna funding of 40% now
(March 15th, 2012)
Use the current 40% investment support for PV installations in Vienna up to a size of 100 kWp! Concerning this matter PROFES has also customised models that reduce the risk of planning for clients.

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PROFES PV Workshop
(March 8th, 2012)
For about 70 interested customers of IAV our certified engineer Rupert Wychera held a photovoltaics workshop. Besides the technical basics of PV projects, also the approval phase and funding were reconsidered in detail. An economic analysis of PV systems completed the presentation. PROFES is pleased to offer workshops like this to further customers.
Technical acceptance inspection of a 3.5 MW PV plant in Bulgaria
(December 23rd, 2011)
PROFES was commissioned by UniCredit Leasing to carry out a technical inspection after the start-up of a 3.5 MWp PV-plant in Bulgaria just before Christmas.
Within a week this inspection was carried out and a detailed report was sent to the client.

10 kWp – PV plant set into operation
(December 22nd, 2011)
Today PROFES set a 10 kWp photovoltaic plant in Lower Austria into operation. This is the largest photovoltaic plant among others installed by PROFES within the KLIEN-Funding 2011. We wish our new electricity producers sustainable success.

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WP Scharndorf West - Environmental impact assessment (EIA) submitted
(December 20th, 2011)
Just before Christmas PROFES could submit the comprehensive documents including the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for an approval concerning the project Wind Park Scharndorf West to the Lower Austrian government - a total of 58 ring binders! Another major step towards the planned realisation of two wind turbines Vestas V112-3 MW in 2012/2013!
Co-operation with the EXAA - Energy Exchange Austria
(November 08th, 2011)
For several years PROFES has carried out a training co-operation in the green energy sector together with the Energy Exchange Austria (EXAA). Because there is demand seminars are offered continuously and within this co-operation PROFES can give an overview of green power systems. Furthermore case studies on wind and solar power projects are developed.
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WP Scharndorf West: Legally binding of designation of areas
(August 9th, 2011)
After successful completion of the Strategic Environmental Assessment the legal designation of areas for the positions of both wind turbines of the Windpark Scharndorf West could be achieved. This represents an important precondition for the submission of this wind park to get an approval under the Environmental Impact Assessment Act.
WP Scharndorf West: Inspection for dedication of areas positively completed
(June 1st, 2011)
The inspection for the dedication of areas concerning two wind turbine sites of the Windpark Scharndorf West was closed without objection on 25th May and on 1st of June the reginonal planning department made its positive assessment. The next step, the Environmental Impact Assessment, should follow in the coming weeks. We welcome the positive developments of this in-house wind energy project!
Day of the sun in Austria: record with 440 events on the 6th +7th of May
(May 6th, 2011)
On the "Day of the sun", which was organised for the tenth time this year, many local events took place on the subject of solar energy. In the community Berg PROFES informed interested visitors on questions about solar and wind energy. Even the youngest actively participated in funny quiz games.
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10th Austrian Peace Run
(April 30th, 2011)
Year after year young and old meet at the Vienna City Hall under the slogan "I run ... you donate... we can help" and support through their participation in the Austrian Peace Run selected aid projects for children and young people. Also PROFES-employees and their families actively participated and supported this event this year again.
Martin Krill vice company advisory board chairman of IGW
(April 29th, 2011)
We are extremely pleased that the managing director of PROFES, DI Martin Krill, was elected in the additional role of vice company advisory board chairman of the Austria Wind Power Association (IG Windkraft) beside his work as a board member of the IGW. In these positions he can best represent the interests of companies in the wind energy industry.
Small wind turbine of ebswien starts running
(April 1st, 2011)
PROFES could support ebswien hauptkläranlage Ges.m.b.H. during the planning and construction of a small wind turbine. Therefore we are pleased that after the successful completion of legal approvals an Eco-Vent 10 kW turbine - well visible from the Highway - could be put into operation.
Certification for Photovoltaic Planner
(March 3rd, 2011)
We are delighted to be awarded the title "Certified photovoltaic planner" to our team members Rupert Wychera and Harald Safer by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water. Through several years of experience and the appropriate training we offer our customers extensive expertise in their solar projects.
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Elevated PV system installed at minus 10 ° C ...
(December 23rd, 2010)
Shortly before Christmas PROFES installed and commissioned an elevated PV-plant on a flat roof. PROFES is responsible for the planning, procurement and installation. The plant has a capacity of 4.4 kWp and will cover roughly the annual electricity consumption of the newly built house.
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Energy consulting for a church - Kalvarienbergkirche
(Januery 1st, 2009)
PROFES analysed the current energy situation and negotiated with different energy suppliers. Afterwards the parish council decided to change the heat supply from gas to district heating and to switch the energy supplier. PROFES supported savings to the parish´s budget and the trend to an ecologically energy supply.
---> Kalvarienbergkirche (church to calvary)