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General description
PV systems are used to generate electrical energy from solar energy, which is almost unlimited and free of charge. In the solar cells of the photovoltaic modules the direct conversion of solar energy into electrical energy takes place. The generated energy can either be used on site, stored in batteries or fed into electricity grids and is sustainable, low-risk, free of emissions and climate-friendly.
Become a producer of solar power - we show you how to do
PROFES offers the full range of services - from consulting, planning, fund raising, the construction of your photovoltaic system up to support within operation. If you like to get more information, contacting or even a quote, we look forward to your message. For faster processing, you can send us the completed checklist for the initial data collection including the necessary plans / photos / documents. Open issues will be clarified together with you.

---> checklist Word version or PDF version (only in German available)
Photovoltaic in Austria - in a few words
  • 8 - 10m² module area = 1,000 kWh/ year

  • 4-person household: consumption = 3,500 kWh/year

  • Need for module area at the 4-person household:
        approximately 40m² (poly-and mono-crystalline cells)
  • PV system lifetime: 20-25 years
  • Technical components of a PV system:
    In the PV systems that we are planning and building there are used branded components of highest quality. A PV system consists mainly of the following elements and the below-mentioned links are examples of producers of components and assemblies:

  • PV modules for converting light into electricity
             Abakus solar AG, Kioto PV

  • Inverters for treatment of solar electricity in power quality
             SMA Solar Technology AG, KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbH, Fronius International GmbH

  • Electricity meter / "Einspeiszähler" for detecting the current income
             The phase meter is supplied by the network operator

  • Safety cover for electrical component of the PV system
             For example surge protection, lightning protection .....

  • Mounting system as a connection between the module and building
             Schletter GmbH, Hilti Austria GmbH, Würth Handelsges.m.H.

  • Capacity
    The rated capacity in photovoltaics is specified in Wp (Watt peak) or in kWp. “Peak” refers to the output power under optimal test conditions that does not directly correspond to the daily operation or is the value for normalization and comparison of different solar cells and modules and is stated in the manufacturers' data sheets.
    A kWp installed capacity of grid-connected system currently costs between 2,500 and 3,500 € (incl. VAT) depending on plant size and assembling costs. According to a concrete planning based on actual building dates a detailed offer can be made.

    According to the current state of the technology a PV system in Austria provides per kWp installed capacity of an annual yield of about 1,000 kWh (depends on cell type, orientation, roof pitch, sunshine hours and temperature). For this approx. 80-10 m² of roof area would be required.

    Current promotions - funding
    There are basically two types of funding (the funding status, any deadlines and production quotas have to be noted:

  • Investment funding

  • feed-in tariffs

  • Getting information about current funding opportunities, please visit the following links:
  • KLI.EN 2013 funding

  • Vienna country Support

  • Lower Austria country support

  • Burgenland country Support

  • OeMAG AG - Clearing agency for green power

  • General information concerning assistance in your respective province is also available on the website of PV Austria at the point support - "Förderungen".

    Project in Zeiselmauer (Lower Austria)
  • Power: 5.17 kWp

  • Rooftop system

  • Module: Abakus ANT P6-60-235 235 Wp, 22 pieces

  • Inverter: SMA Sunny Boy 5000TL, 1 piece

  • Energy yield: 5,000 kWh / year

  • Start-up: 2012

  • Projekt in Altenberg (Lower Austria)
  • Power: 3.43 kWp

  • Rooftop system

  • Module: Abakus ANT P6-60-235 245 Wp, 14 pieses

  • Inverter: SMA Sunny Boy 1700, 2 pieces

  • Energy yield: 3,000 kWh / year

  • Start-up: 2011

  • Project in Sarasdorf (Lower Austria)
  • Power: 10.78 kWp

  • Rooftop system

  • Module: Abakus ANT P6-60-235 245 Wp, 44 pieces

  • Inverter: SMA Sunny Tripower 10000TL, 1 piece

  • Energy yield: 9,500 kWh/year

  • Start-up: 2011

  • Project in Hernals (Vienna)
  • Power: 4.41 kWp

  • Flat roof system

  • Module: Abacus PEAK ON P220-60 245 Wp, 18 pieces

  • Inverter: SMA Sunny Boy SB4000TL, 1 piece

  • Rnergy yield: 4,800 kWh / year

  • Start-up: 2010

  • ---> Project report Hernals (available in German)
    Project in Zeiselmauer (Lower Austria)
  • Power: 5.76 kWp

  • Rooftop system

  • Module: Abacus PEAK ON P235-60 240 Wp, 24 pieces

  • Inverter: SMA Sunny Boy SB3000TL, 2 pieces

  • Energy yield: 6,500 kWh / year

  • Start-up: 2010

  • ---> Project report Zeiselmauer (available in German)
    Project in Gerweis (Lower Austria)
  • Power: 4.95 kWp

  • Rooftop system

  • Module: Solon SE Blue 230/07 230 Wp + Solon SE Blue 230/07 220 Wp, each 11 pieces

  • Inverter: SMA Sunny Boy SB5000TL-20, 1 piece

  • Energy yield: 5,200 kWh / year

  • Start-up: 2010

  • ---> Project report Gerweis I (available in German)
    Project in Gerweis (Lower Austria)
  • Power: 5.76 kWp

  • Rooftop system

  • Module: LDK Solar 180P-24 180 Wp, 32 pieces

  • Inverter: Kostal PIKO 5.5 DCS, 1 piece

  • Energy yield: 6,100 kWh / year

  • Start-up: 2010

  • ---> Project report Gerweis II (available in German)
    Project in Bad Fischau (Lower Austria)
  • Power: 4.80 kWp

  • Flat roof system

  • Module: Solon SE Blue 230/07 240 Wp, 20 pieces

  • Inverter: SMA Sunny Boy SB4000TL, 1 piecec

  • Energy yield: 4,800 kWh / year

  • Start-up: 2009

  • ---> Project report Bad Fischau (available in German)

    ---> Reference list - Photovoltaic: roof systems

    10 kWp – PV plant set into operation
    (December 22nd, 2011)
    Today PROFES set a 10 kWp photovoltaic plant in Lower Austria into operation. This is the largest photovoltaic plant among others installed by PROFES within the KLIEN-Funding 2011. We wish our new electricity producers sustainable success.

    ---> PROFES PV rooftop systems
    Successful KLIEN 2011 PV-Entries for all customers of PROFES
    (April 6th, 2011)
    Exact at 06:00 pm the filing to the PV-funding in Vienna/Lower Austria/Burgenland started in line with the program KLIEN 2011. Within a few minutes, the delivery quota was exhausted. Through proper preparation PROFES could place the requests of all its customers until 18:03, thus ensuring the successful promotion for their small scale plants.
    ---> Photovoltaic roof system
    Elevated PV system installed at minus 10 ° C ...
    (December 23rd, 2010)
    Shortly before Christmas PROFES installed and commissioned an elevated PV-plant on a flat roof. PROFES is responsible for the planning, procurement and installation. The plant has a capacity of 4.4 kWp and will cover roughly the annual electricity consumption of the newly built house.
    ---> Photovoltaic - services of PROFES
    EVN contract to work out the submission documents for 300 kWp photovoltaic
    (December 7th, 2010)
    We are pleased that the EVN AG has again contacted us with a PV-project and has placed an order with PROFES about preparing the necessary electrical legal submission documents for two roof-mounted photovoltaic projects with a total capacity of around 300 kWp.

    ---> Photovoltaic roof system
    5 KW PV-plant in Gerweis
    (July 21st, 2010)
    PROFES has planned and built a 5 kWp PV-plant on a farmer´s house roof ready to use. Further additional plants this modell and size are currently planned and installed. If you are interested as well, we are looking forward to your request.

    KLIEN 2009: Tendering, designing and construction of 5 KW pv-plants
    (October 2nd, 2009)
    PROFES has successfully achieved subsidies and financial support for the KLIEN-tender, which applied for pv-plants having up to 5 kw and will be located in Vienna and Lower Austria. Therefore PROFES had to collect and prepare the required documents and was responsible for the whole tendering process. As a result PROFES is going to be responsible for the upcoming detailed planning and realisation of the project.
    New competences mediation and photovoltaic
    (July 4th, 2007)
    Continued education is the basis for sustainable success - according to this motto PROFES employess participated a 4-semester mediation education and a certified "photovoltaic engineer and technician" training program. We are looking forward to a beneficial cooperation in these two areas.
    ---> Our team